Kaleidos is a non-profit organization based in Lombardy (north of Italy) and aimed to advance biomedical research in the field of genetic rare diseases and to improve the life quality of people suffering from psychiatric conditions (and their families).

  • we provide professional support, based on an interdisciplinary network model of different health operators (MDs, nurses, social educators, biologists) to patients, families and other caregivers;
  • we collaborate with other healthcare providers, actively involved in both public and private sectors;
  • we partner with advocacy representative, to help solving the unique challenges of people living with a chronic disease.

Genome Access

GA is a project management service in the biomedical field especially focused for genetic diseases. We aim also to disseminate new technologies for improving the lifestyle of people affected by chronic diseases.

Mental Health

We promote the best standards of care in home facilities where people affected by mental discomfort benefit from 24H assistance.